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| Completion of New Facility! |

Great Lakes Belting has completed construction on our new facility!  We are now open for business at 142 Ampey Road in Paw Paw, Michigan on the lot west of our old location.  

| Belt Tracking Issues? |

Omni has teamed up with Great Lakes Belting and Habasit America to introduce Trackmate 120 EMB. TM120 EMB (a non-woven belt) offers all of the tracking advantages of other Habasit Trackmate products in a very cost effective solution that can solve many of the tracking issues encountered with uniply belting.
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| New Product Announcement |

GLB is pleased to announce that we now have the capacity to weld baseless corrugated sidewall to PVC and PU belting! Our equipment allows us flexibility to weld 1-1/8” high to 4” high sidewalls.
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Habasit Cleandrive™ Conveyor Belts

Belts play a key role in many production processes, and particularly in the food industry, the hygiene properties of the belts used are absolutely crucial.

For specific applications in hygiene sensitive areas, Habasit has developed a brand new belt concept: the Cleandrive™ conveyor and processing belt.

Habasit Cleandrive™ features a totally smooth conveying surface, combined with a reverse side structure of lateral drive bars, which fit perfectly into the sprockets of 2" HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts.

High quality thermoplastic material allows use in aggressive cleaning areas, while the closed surface limits the accumulation of waste and debris on the reverse side. Longitudinal reinforcement using high-tech aramide cords ensures belt stability even long-term and under load. The positive engagement of the Habasit Cleandrive™ bars allows the use of an energy-saving conveyor design, similar to plastic modular belt conveyors.

Download Habasit Cleandrive™ Specification Sheets:

The Habasit product range
Habasit offers a wide range of belts for a variety of applications as well as complementary products and services for the food industry:

  • HabasitLINK®/KVP® plastic modular belts – including the new
    HyCLEAN belts and sprockets, and the HyCLEAN CIP system
  • HabaFLOW® fabric-based conveyor and processing belts
  • HyGUARD®/HabaGUARD® antimicrobial belts
  • HySAN® oil and fat resistant PVC belts
  • HabaCHAIN® slat and conveyor chains
  • HabiPLAST® profiles, guides and wear strips
  • Rossi Gearmotors gear reducers and gear motors

Industries and Applications
Cleandrive™ belts are designed to limit the risks due to product waste hidden in the gaps in plastic modular belts. As a result, they are particularly appropriate for use in the food industry.

Wet food processing

  • Meat and poultry processing: cooked, fried, frozen products, processed meat and poultry handling, and sausage production
  • Fish and seafood processing: washed, steamed, cooked, fried, frozen products, processed fish and seafood handling
  • Fruit and vegetable processing: washed, cooked, steamed, bleached, fried and frozen products
  • Potato processing: French fries and chip manufacture

Cleandrive™ also offers excellent tracking properties, advantageous also in other food areas:

  • Bakery: Dough handling, trash conveyors, baked, fried or frozen
    pastry and snack food
  • Cheese production: Curing, handling, packaging of cheese and other dairy products
  • Cereal manufacturing: Handling of cooked, expanded, blanched and cured cereal products

Habasit Cleandrive™ belts meet all core regulatory requirements for the food processing industry:

  • FDA and EU food contact material regulations
  • NSF
  • USDA Meat and Poultry
  • USDA Dairy

Other conveyor applications
In addition to serving the food industry, Cleandrive™ is an excellent solution for several complex conveyor applications. This is because Cleandrive™ offers good tracking behavior combined with high lateral stiffness and excellent flat laying properties.

  • Metal detection units
  • Incline/decline conveyors
  • Easy application of cleats/scoops support in any elevating / packaging or product handling application


  • Positive drive bar to engage in plastic modular belt sprockets
  • A closed thermoplastic surface for easy cleaning and limited accumulation of waste and dirt
  • Longitudinal reinforcement to limit plastic creep and keep belt dimensions stable
  • Wide range of thermoplastic weldable auxiliaries: cleats and sidewalls – all with hygienic design and the same chemical resistance as the belt carcass
  • Auxiliaries for the conveyor from the HabasitLINK® sprocket and Habiplast ® profiles range: ideal combination of materials from a single experienced partner

Click to view Habasit® flyer with Features and Benefits, Fabrication and Joining Methods, and specifications on Design and Materials

Contact Great Lakes Belting today at 1.800.545.2358 for more information about the new Habasit Cleandrive™ conveyor and processing belts!


Belting for any food application, including bakery, candy, fruit, vegetable, meat, poultry, and dairy.
Hundreds of customizable products that work for general industrial automation applications.
Cost-effective general belt products that can offer solutions to a wide variety of material handling applications.
Belts designed for printing, corrugated manufacture, box folding, as well as scrap and finished product.
Solutions for difficult applications such as metal stamping, in-line die cutting and other applications.
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