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| Completion of New Facility! |

Great Lakes Belting has completed construction on our new facility!  We are now open for business at 142 Ampey Road in Paw Paw, Michigan on the lot west of our old location.  

| Belt Tracking Issues? |

Omni has teamed up with Great Lakes Belting and Habasit America to introduce Trackmate 120 EMB. TM120 EMB (a non-woven belt) offers all of the tracking advantages of other Habasit Trackmate products in a very cost effective solution that can solve many of the tracking issues encountered with uniply belting.
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| New Product Announcement |

GLB is pleased to announce that we now have the capacity to weld baseless corrugated sidewall to PVC and PU belting! Our equipment allows us flexibility to weld 1-1/8” high to 4” high sidewalls.
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National Belting Association

Great Lakes Belting and Supply Corporation offers a wide assortment of equipment, parts & supplies for all of your belting needs. These are a few of our featured products - feel free to call or e-mail us for more information on the PCI product line or on any of our other belting products.

PCI Track Rollers

PCI Track Rollers are designed and manufactured to operate in the most adverse conditions. Special sealing provisions allow track rollers to operate in dirt, sand, heat, cold, high speeds, vibration and heavy loads. The roller ends of all track rollers are protected by a tight fitting steel expansion plug.

All bearings are sealed to retain lubricants and exclude contaminants. PCI Track Rollers use heavy duty ball bearings or tapered roller bearings and are lubricated with the proper amount, grade and type of grease. When purchasing a PCI Track Roller, you will receive a reliable, maintenance free, quality product.

  • Standard Track Rollers (Plain, Flanged, V-Groove, Channel and I-Beam, U-Groove, Regreasable)
  • Special Duty Track Rollers (Custom Seasl, Lubricants, Double or Flange Rollers, Special Platings, Extrem Moisture / Wash Down applications)
  • Non-Metallic Track Rollers
  • 316 Stainless Steel Track Rollers
  • High Temperature Track Rollers (Temperature rated to 390 deg F)
PCI Pneumatic Clutches

Clutches, brakes, clutch/brakes, torque limiters

  • Torque capacities from 0-6300 in.-lbs
  • Bolt-on drives, sprockets, v-belt sheaves and gears
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Custom styles and sizesper specification

PCI Pneumatic Clutches, Brakes and Clutch/Brakes are IDEALLY suited for

  • Accumulation, Zone or Zero-Pressure conveyor systems
  • High torque capacities from 0 to 6,300 inch pounds
  • Low speed - less than 100 RPM
  • Occasional starts and stops, no more than 5 cycles per minute
PCI Pulleys

PCI Standard Duty Pulleys & Machined Pulleys:

  • 2" to 12" diameter
  • Various hub styles
  • V-groove styles
  • Trapezoidal crown for maximum concentricity and reduced belt wear
  • Available with lagging

PCI Stainless Steel Pulleys:

  • Sanitary/Food Grade
  • Corrosive/Washdown
  • Available with lagging

PCI Heavy Duty Pulleys:

  • 14" diameters and larger
  • 72" overall face length
  • Various hub styles
  • Flat face or crowned for maximum concentricity and reduced belt wear
  • Available with lagging
  • Mine duty and spiral styles available

PCI Wing Pulleys:

  • Self-cleaning
  • 6" diameters and larger
  • Mine duty and spiral styles available 
PCI Take-Up Frames and Take-Up Frame Covers

PCI Take-Up Frames:

  • Available in Wide Slot and Narrow Slot styles
  • Capable of mounting inside, outside or as part of the conveyor frame

PCI Take-Up Frame Covers:

  • Keep debris away from your bearings and adjusting screw
  • Cover rotating shafting and other moving parts as a safety feature
  • One style fits on existing PCI and Dodge frames
  • One style fits over existing Take-up Frames


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